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About AnniesGentleCare 

Years of going on secret missions with my grandmother from a young age have led me on my chosen path; this mission. A mission to provide the best care  for my clients.  Responding to each client's unique needs and in so doing serve my community.

I watched with wonder ...she was greeted with smiles and hugs as she arrived at her client's homes. Greeting them with her gentle squeeze of a hand and a whisper saying don't worry I'm here, brought smiles to many faces.  For her these persons were not clients; they were friends.

With permission I was allowed to sit with her friends while she cared for them.  They always lamented that her actions made them  feel alive and ready to face another day.

She showed/taught me how to help,show compassion,I  learned how to assist them to consume a meal with dignity when sight was failing or hands too weak after yet another stroke. They shared a laugh, I listened to their countless interesting stories back and forth between them, I felt like a part of their family and they became critical parts of our family.I looked forward to the next visit and the next memory that would be shared.

Grand Ma Con passed on in 1998 but the lessons she taught have guided my career choices over the years.  I knew then and I know now more than ever, that my satisfaction in life comes from a deeper place of Caring For others.

After years of caring for children I promised myself that I would continue her work and what I could not do for her then and I would do for other families that needed someone to be there for their love ones when they couldn't ,a warm smile a gentle touch a heart to care and ear to hear.The comfort that assures my clients  and their families there is someone who would care for their loved ones when they cannot.  At Annie's Gentle Care, Caring From The Heart Is Key"

© 2010 AnniesGentleCare

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